Terms of Service for Clients

Hire and Work With Recruiters via Relancer

Valid from 1.01.2020

This Terms of Service summarizes the principal terms of collaboration between Relancer (“Relancer,” “we,” or “us”) and the Client (“you” or “Client”), which has requested to hire Recruiter(s) via Relancer's service.

When accepted by you, these Terms of Service form a legally binding contract (Contract) between you and Relancer (as defined below).

Please read these Terms of Service carefully. By accepting these Terms of Service, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to be bound by these Terms of Service. If you do not agree to be bound by these Terms of Service, then please do not access or use Relancer's Services.


1.1 Relancer is an online marketplace for connecting businesses (Clients) and Recruiters who work via the Relancer platform as independent contractors.

1.2 It is the responsibility of the Client to ensure that Relancer's services are in accordance with their needs. Relancer's Recruiters provide the following (but not limited to) services:

1.3 The aim of Relancer is to help businesses find a Recruiter how can understand and help the business the most.

1.4 The role of Relancer is to make sure the Client has the best possible opportunity to get matched with the right Recruiter; to make sure the collaboration between Client and Recruiter goes smoothly; and solve any rising disputes in a transparent manner keeping the interests of both sides in mind.

1.5 Relancer's team has the know-how and network to help businesses choose the right Recruiter(s) with specific expertise in a preferred location. Relancer will do it's best to provide best-suited Recruiters and present all necessary information. The Recruiter and Client understand that the final decision is made by the Client and Relancer can not be held responsible for any results the Recruiter may or may not provide.    


2.1  Understanding your hiring needs (Projects)

Relancer will map the Client's hiring needs, agree on the roles (Projects) and criteria (pricing model, budget, and other preferences). The assigned Account Manager at Relancer will start mapping the options and give feedback on which Recruiter(s) are currently available and best-suited for the Client's situation.

Each job vacancy is considered as a separate Project. Client can assign a different Recruiter for each Project (in case the roles are very different and need specialized Recruiters) or select a Recruiter to handle multiple Projects.

2.2 Comparing and choosing Recruiters

Relancer will provide Vetted Profiles of Recruiters which include their expertise, level of experience, skills, fees, previous work, references from clients, and other relevant information.

The Client will schedule a
Briefing Meeting with suitable Recruiters to ask more questions, talk about the Project in more detail and negotiate the terms.

The goal of the Briefing Meeting is to evaluate the Recruiter’s suitability for the recruitment Project. Client should provide the Recruiter with necessary information so the Recruiter can assess their ability to achieve recruitment deliverables and make a final proposal for their fees and estimated deadlines.

The Account Manager from Relancer will participate in the Briefing Meeting with the Client and Recruiter. The Account Manager will advise the Client on evaluating and selecting the Recruiters, but the Client will be responsible for the final decision.

2.3 Recruitment Contract between Recruiter and Client

Relancer provides Contract Templates and (if necessary) helps to negotiate terms between the Recruiter and Client, who will agree on Milestones, Deliverables, Collaboration Model, Fees and other terms. Using the Contract Template is not mandatory.

Relancer is not included in the Recruitment Contract between the Recruiter and the Client. Both parties are in a separate agreement (Terms of Service) with Relancer.

2.4 Collaboration and progress tracking

Relancer will not regulate the collaboration between the Recruiter and the Client after they've signed the Recruitment Contract. All further collaboration is agreed between the Recruiter and the Client with the Milestones and Deliverables in the contract.

Each Recruiter has their own working processes, which they will align with the Client's situation and needs.

It is recommended to have an Onboarding Meeting to go over the Project before the work starts. It is recommended to set Check-In Meetings (via email, in person meeting, video call) deadlines to keep track of the progress.

2.5 Project wrap-up

Relancer will provide instructions on how to successfully close the Project and will participate in the Project Wrap-up meeting. Relancer will make sure the Client is billed accurately and will issue an invoice.


3.1 The role of Relancer is to ensure: 

3.2 The Account Manager from Relancer is included in all the communication until a Recruiter is hired and a contract is signed between the Recruiter and the Client. This includes all email communication and the Briefing Meeting.

3.3 Relancer will not participate in communication and meetings between the Recruiter and Client after the contract has been signed between both parties (excluding the final Project Wrap-up meeting).

3.4 Relancer has the right to request feedback and information from the Recruiter and Client at any given point to ensure collaboration success. Relancer collects feedback to make sure the Recruiter is on track to achieve the agreed recruitment deliverables and offers a high quality service experience to the Client.

3.5 If the first 14 days since starting the Project show that:

  1. the Recruiter might not be able to deliver the hiring goals, or
  2. the Client might not be able to contribute to Project success,

Relancer will take measures to improve collaboration between parties or terminate the collaboration.

3.6 Relancer will provide a Contract Template and receive a copy of the final contract between the Recruiter and the Client. Including the description of Milestones and Deliverables set for the Project.


4.1 Hourly commitment

It's a suitable model if the Client needs help for particular repetitive tasks, such as sourcing candidates or conducting screening interviews. Hourly model also makes sense when the Client has multiple similar roles or plans to work with the Recruiter for a longer period than just one Project. Hourly model is cheaper and more efficient than having a Recruiter for each role separately.

Clients are billed based on the hour’s Recruiters have worked on the Recruitment Project.

The billing cycle is weekly during the first month, from the second month the billing cycle can be switched to monthly if agreed between the Recruiter and Client. The first weeks will show if the collaboration between the Recruiter and Client is successful in longer-term.


The payments for Hourly Invoices are due in 5 days after the invoice is issued.

4.2 Exclusive commitment

Exclusive commitment suits best if the Client doesn’t have/need an in-house recruiter or wants extra help with some specific roles. In this case the Recruiter works exclusively with the role and is committed to the Client.


50% of the Total Recruitment Fee is transferred to Relancer's bank account at the beginning of the project as a retainer. The retainer payment establishes a mutual commitment for both sides for a common goal.

When the Recruiter reaches agreed Milestones, Relancer will transfer the agreed amount of the fee to the Recruiter. The scope and deadlines of the Milestones are agreed by the Client and the Recruiter in the Recruitment Contract.

The rest of the Recruitment Fee is due in 14 days after the Client has signed an employment contract with the candidate presented by the Recruiter.

4.3 Contingency commitment

If the Client has used up most of their recruitment budget and has in-house recruiters also working on the role, it makes sense to hire a Contingency Recruiter. It will be the most expensive option, but with less risk – you only pay for results. The Recruiter might not* be committed to the Client, but will provide an additional pipeline of candidates.

*Might not be committed means that Contingency Recruiters work with multiple Clients at the same time and can prefer Projects where they can get results faster and with less effort.

The average Contingency fee varies from 10% to 30% of the anticipated annualized salary or wages of the candidate.

The Contingency fee is due in 14 days after the Client has signed an employment contract with the candidate presented by the Recruiter.


5.1 There are no upfront costs. Relancer's marketplace services are free for the Client.

5.2 All invoicing and payments between the Recruiter and Client are done via Relancer. Relancer ensures the Client is billed and the Recruiter is paid accurately.

5.3 The Client will be billed according to the collaboration model with the Recruiter (hourly, exclusive or contingency). Relancer charges Recruiters a percentage of their fee depending on the total amount they’ve billed with a client.

5.4 Relancer handles international payments.

5.5 The Client is responsible to determine proper classification of all Recruiters as either independent contractors, sole proprietors or employees. For US-based Independent Recruiters, the Client should refer to the IRS guidelines and other federal, state, and local regulations applicable.

5.6 Relancer does not assume to be an expert on tax matters for the Client's specific business, the Client should consult a tax professional for any questions or concerns about any tax-related issues. If the Client not based in the US or have additional questions, please consult the local tax representative for more information on filing tax forms in a specific country.


6.1 Guarantees from Recruiter

For any guarantees regarding the Project results and Candidates, the Client should negotiate and agree with the Recruiter.  

6.2 Guarantees from Relancer


7.1 The Client agrees to immediately inform Relancer about any updates or cancellations regarding Projects. The Client understands that Relancer's services for the Client are free of charge, so withholding or misrepresenting information may result in financial loss for Relancer. Disregarding this will be grounds for termination without additional notification.

7.2 The Client agrees with the Non-circumvention Agreement to make payments only through Relancer for 24 months from the date the Recruiter is introduced to the Client, unless the Client pays an Opt-Out-Fee.

Opt-Out-Fee is:

  1. $5000 per each Recruiter if the Client wants to hire them as an independent contractor separate from the Relancer marketplace;
  2. or 25% of the anticipated annualized salary or wages if the Client offers the Recruiter direct employment.


Some definitions of capitalized terms that appear in the Terms of Service for Clients.

“Recruiter” means an independent contractor or an agency providing Recruitment Services. A Recruiter is a customer of Relancer with respect to use our services.

“Client” means a business seeking to hire Recruiters to obtain Recruitment Services.

“Account manager” means a representative of Relancer assisting Clients to hire Recruiters for their Projects.

“Recruitment Services” means any services provided by Recruiters for example sourcing leads, interviewing candidates, training and coaching Clients.

“Project” means an engagement for Recruitment Services that a Recruiter provides to a Client under a Recruitment Contract.

“Recruitment Contract” means the contractual provisions between a Client and a Recruiter governing the Recruitment Services to be performed by a Recruiter for Client for a Project.